The Artist





Coady’s art strikes at the jugular of contemporary culture – our addictions, our habits of consumption – and presents them back to us with force.  Coady enjoys exploiting the capacities of new technologies to address her themes.

Through sculpture, painting, photography, video installation, site-specific installation and performance art (including dance), Coady seeks to push the boundaries of contemporary society and challenges the notion of our ecological and sociological footprint.

The work extends on the vernacular of Pop and Conceptual Art.   As an artist, the intention is to raise awareness of, and connect with, our time – a period that to Coady seems to be characterised by enormous privilege and over-indulgence. The same self-perpetuating machinery which urges us toward increased levels of consumption also promises us solutions – pills and other medication, the endless exploration of our own psyche, or products that might enhance pleasure.

Coady holds a Masters of Contemporary Art following studies at Melbourne University, Victorian College of the Arts. Coady has been exhibiting in solo and group shows for over a decade and has been a selected  finalist in numerous prizes such as the Portia Geach Memorial Award 2009, SCAP 3D 2012, the Wyalla Art Prize 2015 and Sculpture by the Sea 2016.

Artworks are held in private collections in Australia, UK and Singapore.